2018 News

BTRDA R3:  Well this is the end result of what was a promising race day. A collision in heat 2 resulted in a fractured gearbox which then blew in heat 3 meaning no entry into the final.

July 2018


BTRDA R6:  Entry into the A Final sees Rogerio finishing in 6th in his last race of the season.  See the televised footage via the link below.

August 2018

BTRDA R2:  A start at the back of the grid but a solid performance during the race means Rogerio takes 5th.

May 2018

BTRDA R1:  Lessons learnt after a tough start for Rogerio at Round 1 at Blyton as a moment on the grass places him 8th.

March 2018

FUNDING:  The ECF ensure for a the 3rd year in a row that Rogerio is able to compete competitively in his Motorsport journey.

February 2018

BTRDA:  Rogerio signs to Extreme22 for a second year as he sets his sights on Rallycross driving in a

Peugeot 106 Rallye.

January 2018

AWARD:  Rogerio receives his Championship Trophy at the 2017 Invicta Autograss Awards for  achieving 5th out of 20 overall. 

January 2018